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Gutter Repair in Hillsboro, Oregon

Installation of gutter system by worker with drill

The most common mistake many homeowners make is to simply try to handle the gutter repair themselves. 

It can be very overwhelming to a do-it-yourselfer without the proper training and experience.

If you are like most homeowners, you hate cleaning your house gutters and spend hours doing DIY projects to fix problems that you don’t have to deal with. 

The truth is gutter repairs are very time-consuming, but not if you know how we do repairs the right way.

The first thing we always start with is to analyze the height of your gutters. Our gutters are usually placed on the eaves.

Many issues arise from clogging. If your gutters are not cleaned out on a regular basis, then rain, sleet, hail, and even birds’ nests will build up in your gutters. 

This causes unsightly obstructions and water damage. It also makes repairing the gutter more difficult.


The benefits of hiring our Hillsboro Gutter Repair Contractors:

How we do residential gutter repairs begins with an inspection of the gutter system. This includes checking the pitch of the gutters to ensure they are straight and the gutter is securely in place. 

Next, we check the length of the gutter to make sure the water is draining from every point. If water is leaking from any point, this is a sign of a possible clogged gutter.

A pitch guard is simply a piece of plastic or metal that goes on top of the gutter to help prevent it from getting clogged. If the gutter is not properly maintained, then you can expect water to leak from any point of the gutter. This is a sign that a gutter repair is needed.

One of the most important things is how important pitch is to the maintenance of the gutters. Pitch refers to the distance between the bottom part of the eaves and the edge of the roof. 

When the pitch is too high, water can accumulate at the edge of the roof and cause some of it to seep into the house or property, causing damage to the shingles or wood.

Now, when learning about the proper gutter cleaning method of your whole system, we recommend the use of leaf screens, guards, or covers. These are designed to keep out leaves and twigs from the gutters, and they help to make sure your system doesn’t get clogged with debris. It’s best to call our contractor to handle this task.

Gutter Repair by worker standing on a ladder


There are many warning signs of failing gutters. The most obvious ones are cracked and splintered gutters and hanging ones. 

If you have any of these warning signs in your whole system, you need to act immediately to stop water from cascading down your walls and ruin your belongings.

It is especially important to catch the overflow of water before it does serious damage to your roof, walls, floors, porch, and decks.

Cracked and Splintered Gutters: 

The first sign that your gutter system needs to be repaired is if it is cracked or splintered. 

If they are in any way, they will most likely continue to break down over time. 

Over time, the split becomes bigger until your gutters no longer work properly. In this case, you should call our professionals to fix your problem.

Hanging Gutters: 

Another sign that your system is in trouble is if the gutters are sticking up and hanging. 

If they are hanging straight up without any movement, there is a good chance that the gutter is not properly connected to the downspout.

This means that excess water is shooting off from the gutter and into your attic, which is bad news. 

If the debris is not properly held back from the downspouts, water can seep into the attic causing a potentially serious hazard. 

In this case, call our skilled staff immediately to have the gutter system replaced.

Clogged Gutter Systems: 

The condition of your whole system indicates a more severe problem than just the normal cleaning process. 

It is possible that the clog may be caused by pine needles, tree limbs, moss, algae, or dirt. 

If left unchecked, these problems will eventually lead to larger debris clogging up the system.

Before calling a tree-trimming service, you should clean out the gutters first to see if the problem will go away on its own or if it will need some additional assistance.

When debris becomes stuck in the gutter, it can become hard for the water to travel through the system and into the downspout. 

As the water gets backed up, it can cause pressure to build up and cause the gutter to weaken. As a result, the gutter will eventually collapse. 

There are a number of ways to prevent this from happening. A simple solution is to clean them on a regular basis with our professional Hillsboro gutter cleaners.

The signs that your gutter system is about to fall apart are quite similar to those of clogged drains. 

The only difference is that the debris has already built upon the gutter structure rather than in the drain.

Over time, this debris can completely block the gutter. Once the clogs become so severe that water is backing up into the home, it is a good idea to call a professional to inspect the area for possible root problems. 

Root problems can be very expensive to repair.

Every year, millions of homes are destroyed by flooding. Many people lose their homes because they did not have gutter protection. 

It does not matter what size gutter system you have, cleaning your gutters is essential to keeping your home safe from flooding.

So, it makes sense to invest in regular gutter cleaning services by our Hillsboro gutter contractors.

Gutter installation by worker


The gutter system is very important in maintaining the value and look of your home. 

The gutters must be installed properly to protect the wood and other material from weathering or from any other damage that can occur over time. 

Here are some of the main types of gutters that are available on the market today.

Plastic Type: 

These types of gutter systems are one of the most common because they are easy to install and they are inexpensive. If you have a smaller budget then these will be your best option. 

They have no problem holding up in extreme weather conditions and they can handle rainwater as well. When it comes to cleaning them, you will need to have a power washer to get them clean.

Aluminum Type: 

These types of gutter systems are great if you have a lot of extra water around your home. It will hold a lot of water and the aluminum is very durable.

Vinyl Type: 

Vinyl gutter systems are very popular because they come in all colors and styles. These gutters do not rust and they are not affected by rot. 

The downside is that they cost a little more than plastic gutters. The vinyl does however have a long life span and they are very low maintenance.

Wood Type: 

The wood gutter covers are the oldest of the three. It is made of hardwood decking. It is a little bit more expensive than the other systems but it is extremely durable and can last a very long time.

If you have old gutters, the question of “How To Decide If You Should Replace Or Repair Gutters” is probably at the back of your mind. 

The thought of replacing or repairing gutters can be an unpleasant and costly prospect.

Gutters are essential for keeping out rainwater. Without them, your home would be flooded. 

Rainwater running down your roof will damage your roofing material, your walls, and even cause some damage to your foundation if it’s not fixed properly.

Gutters are usually made with three to four slits and a metal trough or arch. The space between the slits serves as a water-holding basin and the space between the gutters and the roof is the area that collects rainwater.

In order to decide whether you should repair or replace your gutters, first, you need to determine where they are damaged. This can help you decide whether immediate repairs are required. 

For example, broken or missing gutters may cause water to leak into the attic.

If this is the case then you need to immediately repair the broken or missing gutters. In many cases, this is the best place to start repairing because the area can be quickly dried up and repaired.

The next step is to determine the actual damage. If you have a very small amount of damage then most repairs are possible. 

Even if you have major damage, such as a hole larger than three feet, it is likely that the majority of your house will be structurally sound. 

If this is the case, then the repair work can be done by one of our gutter repair contractors in a timely manner.

The first thing that you should do, if you have minor damage, is to simply repair the damaged areas. If the damage is quite severe, it may be necessary to replace them entirely. 

If this is the case, you should consult one of our professionals in order to determine the best course of action. Fortunately, most of the time, the problem is easily fixed.

There are many reasons why it is important for you to hire our skilled team in order to decide on the best course of action. 

The repair or replacement of your gutters should be done by trained professionals. We offer a warranty on all gutter installations

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Our Gutter Installation Projects

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New Hillsboro gutter project


Hillsboro dirty gutter needing cleaning

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that having a clean gutter system is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a property. 

Not only will it keep your gutters free from leaves, twigs, and other debris, but it will also play an important role in keeping your gutter system free from any leaks. 

A clean system all the way to the gutter downspout will also ensure your home is free from any possible insect infestation. These are just a few of the reasons why gutter maintenance is really important.

How Can a Gutter Maintenance Professional Help You Save Time? 

One of the biggest reasons why gutter maintenance professionals can save you time and money is because we have the skills necessary to properly install your gutter system. 

We also know which materials to use for your system, which means that you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching various products to achieve the best fit.

Another reason why gutter maintenance professionals are necessary is that gutter systems are actually some of the most vulnerable parts of the home. This is because they are often attached to the home’s siding. 

When the system becomes full of leaves and other debris, it is extremely easy for ants and other rodents to enter and get inside of it. If you do not take care of this matter, you can very quickly have large sections of your home damaged by rodents.

What Can a Gutter Maintenance Technician Do For You? 

A professional gutter maintenance technician has the skills necessary to efficiently clean out your gutters. Not only can he clean them out, but he can also perform preventative measures to keep your gutter systems free from damage. 

That means that he can stop leaks from occurring, he can also perform repairs and replacements if needed and he can do routine cleaning on a monthly basis.

Why Is It Important To Have Your Gutters serviced periodically? 

It is imperative that all parts of your home are maintained in good working order. When you have a problem with your gutters, the sooner you address the issue, the less chance there is for larger problems to occur. 

If you let things go and wait until it is too late, you could end up with broken ones, pipes leaking, and even water damage to the entire home.

Is There Any Benefit To Hiring A Gutter Maintenance Professional? 

Yes! Gutters can be a tricky system to repair on your own, so if you want to save money in the future, make sure that you hire a professional to handle any problems that you might have. The cost of repairing a system is generally much less than the cost of replacing it.


New gutter guard and cover

Gutters protect the foundation of the house from water entering through windows, doors, or other openings in the home. They also keep rainwater runoff from the roof and from running down the walls and accumulating below the foundations.

If there is a problem with the gutters, they need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. There are many types of gutter guards and covers available on the market that protect against leaf and debris clogging, prevent water damage to structures and landscaping,

It helps keep out pests and unwanted animals like squirrels and birds. It prevents these animals from building nests and homes in your whole system. Some of these items can even retrofit into existing roofs.

The two most common gutter guards are made out of wire mesh and vinyl. Wire-mesh guards prevent leaves, twigs, pine needles, and grass from entering the gutter and clogging it. These types of guards can be installed to cover all gutter locations. 

Vinyl guards prevent leaves, twigs, pine needles, and grass from entering the gutters.

There are many advantages to having this type of protection for your gutters and downspouts. Gutter covers do not completely solve the problem of drainage, but they do make the problem easier to solve. 

These covers work by making sure that the water flows nicely, which prevents build-up from materials such as dirt.

If you live in an area that receives heavy amounts of rainfall, having guard panels will significantly reduce the amount of debris that goes into your gutters. Mold and mildew damage to the foundation can be significantly reduced by having these types of gutter guards installed.

When the leaves start to fall from the trees, they will collect along the eaves and then start to rot. When the leaves become too full of decay, they will clog the gutters. This will cause them to overheat and often break down completely. 

If left untreated, the damage can be serious and may require repairs or replacement of the gutters. Installing leaf guards will greatly reduce the risk of this happening.

Some of these simple mesh pieces that fit over the mouth of the gutter, keep out leaves and debris. These pieces are often made of galvanized steel wire but there are other types available that are made of aluminum.

Keeping your roof clean and free of debris is very important, especially in areas prone to extreme weather. A clean and safe surface for your gutters and downspouts is important in preventing damage to your roof and foundation.


Choosing the right gutter installation is essential if you want to protect your home from possible water damage and reduce your risk of having a costly roof replacement. Unfortunately, most consumers make the mistake of installing gutters the wrong way.

Doing so can lead to a lot of problems, such as damage to the roof and shingles, improper water runoff, and overflowing gutters. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing gutters:

Installing the gutter at the correct pitch is vital in preventing damage to your home. If you are unsure of the correct pitch for your particular home, consulting with one of our skilled contractors to find out the recommended pitch for that type of roof.

The best way to ensure that your gutter installation goes smoothly and without any problems is to hire our team to install the system for you the right way. 

While installing gutters can sometimes be difficult, they need to run parallel to the edge of the roof in order to prevent issues like overflowing gutters.

If you’ve ever tried to install gutters without this guarantee, you know that the results are not pretty. To make sure that the job is done right the first time, hire our team to measure your roof and make sure that the gutter is set up correctly.

A common gutter installation mistake is failing to install gutter covers over the system.

Homeowners often choose the wrong size gutter for their home. They may think that the gutter is long enough or wide enough, but it is more important that the gutter fits comfortably along the length of the home, and that it doesn’t stick out too far.

Excess weight tends to pull the gutters down with force, causing cracks and other damage. If you choose the wrong size, it can also be difficult to clean – leading to added maintenance costs.

Last, in terms of completing the installation, homeowners often make the mistake of installing their gutters on their own. This is a risky and time-consuming option that many just can’t afford. 

It can also be costly if you end up damaging other parts of your home, like your roof or exterior walls.

Our Hillsboro professional gutter installation company can offer all of the safety and peace of mind that your gutters provide, without all of the hassles.

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